When starting your accounting career, you want to do all you can to be successful. Part of your education includes knowing how to develop professionally to have maximum impact. Here are five characteristics you want to focus on while developing your accounting career.

5 Characteristics That Will Help You Have A Great Accounting Career

1. Focus on Relationships

Focus on cultivating relationships with internal and external customers. For instance, engage in conversation to get to know their professional and personal needs and interests. Understand what the reporting or informational challenges are, determine the economic measures that they will find most useful to fit their decision making needs.  Demonstrate ways in which you can solve problems. Be responsive to their questions and concerns. Remain creative when coming up with innovative solutions.

2. Demonstrate Credibility

Maintain your credibility. For instance, show the ways in which you are an effective trainer, supervisor, and delegator. Help your colleagues and mentor your employees to advance in their careers. Demonstrate the highest levels of honesty, transparency, and integrity in your words and actions so others know you are trustworthy. Be a punctual, reliable self-starter who pays attention to detail, double checks their work, and completes projects on time. Remain updated on best practices, industry trends, laws, approaches to evolving tax regulations, and other changes in accounting.

3. Display Strong Communication Skills

Show your strong communication skills. For instance, clearly and concisely speak or write about complex issues in an easily understood manner. Be persuasive when explaining your viewpoint to employees, colleagues, partners, and clients.

4. Collaborate Well

Demonstrate that you are an effective team player. For instance, show that you are able to efficiently and effectively work independently or collaboratively. Focus on what is best for your team and organization rather than just for you. Help your colleagues and employees whenever possible.

5. Show Leadership Skills

Consistently demonstrate your leadership skills. For instance, maintain a positive attitude at all times. Be passionate about both your work and the firm. Go the extra mile to complete tasks. Maintain a healthy work-life balance. Take on demanding tasks and projects. Participate in ongoing professional development to add to your knowledge and skill set. Show that you are highly organized, self-confident, and great at time management. Stay flexible when embracing challenges.

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