Working in accounting placement roles can provide valuable career growth. Adding to your skill set and experience level make you an even more valuable asset to employers. As a result, you want to do what you can to maximize your time in each accounting placement.

5 Ways to Maximize a Temp Accounting Job

#1 Align Your Positions and Goals

Ensure each role aligns with your career goals. One long-term benefit of working in accounting placements is gaining the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to develop your career. The staffing agency should offer you coaching and advice on resume preparation, interview skills, writing a thank-you note, accepting a job offer, and more. The agency also should provide you with insights into market trends, in-demand skills, and other industry-specific information.

#2 Build Your Network

Be sure you build your network within every company you are placed with. You may meet colleagues, managers, or executives in different departments who can provide a referral and/or act as a reference to help you land a full-time position. Ensure your supervisor knows whether you are interested in full-time work with the company so they can evaluate your performance and decide whether there is a need to hire you permanently in the future.

#3 Perform Your Best

Work each day as you would in a full-time role. For instance, arrive early every day with a positive attitude. Also, approach each task or project with diligence and commitment. Further, ask for additional work when you finish early. If you greatly enjoy a placement role and blend with company culture, you may be hired on full-time when your contract ends. Even if you are not hired on, your work ethic and experience can help you land a position with another company.

#4 Develop New Skills

Use each placement position to develop new skills. Learning new technologies, systems, applications, or programs helps build your portfolio. This is especially important in niche markets where highly specialized skills are needed. You may even be able to explore a different field of accounting than you previously worked in. Adding new skills to your CV shows that you take your career seriously and focus on improving yourself.

#5 Request Feedback

Ask for constructive feedback during each placement. Talk with the manager to show you are serious about improving your contributions. Show an interest in the contributions you are making and how you add value. Discuss new opportunities to leverage these new skills with your Staffing or Recruiting Manager at Mercer Bradley.

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