How Do You Define & Earn Flexibility in the Workplace?

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How you define and earn flexibility in the workplace impacts how much flexibility you could be granted. For instance, you might define flexibility as a privilege earned through trust and tied to equity and be granted flexibility based on your personal needs.

Providing every employee with the same flexibility likely would not meet their individual needs. As a result, some flexibility must be earned. These guidelines can help.

Implement these tips to define and potentially earn flexibility in the workplace.

Define Flexibility in the Workplace

Clarify what flexibility means to you and why you want it:

  • You might need to occasionally modify your work hours to accommodate your children’s needs.
  • You could prefer a hybrid schedule to save time and money on commuting.
  • Maybe you want opportunities to take on additional tasks, projects, duties, or responsibilities to earn a promotion.

Evaluate Whether You Earned Flexibility in the Workplace

Determine whether your length of company employment, contributions, and results suggest you earned flexibility from your employer:

  • You should be fully trained in your role and comfortable with the day to day responsibilities.
  • You must consistently provide positive outcomes for projects and reach company goals.
  • You must be viewed as a loyal, trusted employee who cares about long-term business growth.

Focus on Equitable Flexibility for Your Team

If you are granted flexibility, your teammates likely will desire flexibility as well. As a result, you should consider whether your manager can provide your entire team with flexibility.

Keep in mind that individual definitions and needs for flexibility vary. Therefore, any flexibility granted should be fair rather than equal. Each employee should receive the flexibility they need to benefit their unique circumstances.

Be mindful that your manager might have difficulty with change. They also might not understand why you would not want to work at the office during business hours. Therefore, you need clear, concise reasons for your flexibility request and how increased flexibility would benefit your team.

Meet with Your Manager

Schedule a time to talk with your manager about earning flexibility in the workplace. Prepare to discuss company policies regarding flexibility, your reasons for desiring more flexibility, and what you would provide in exchange for greater flexibility:

  • You might come in early or stay late on the days your children have school-related activities to make up for the time away from the office.
  • You could increase your productivity by working a hybrid schedule.
  • You would provide additional value to the organization if you earned a promotion.

Are You Looking for a New Job with Greater Flexibility?

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