Navigating Leadership Skills from Ted Lasso

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Ted Lasso is the lovable television character who went from coaching American football to coaching a struggling English Premier League soccer team. Although he is not a soccer expert, he excels at developing people and teams.

Ted uses wisdom and humour to navigate leadership challenges with confidence and empathy. His unconventional methods show that leadership is about being genuine and dedicated.

As an accounting and finance leader, you can use Ted’s practical strategies and timeless lessons to help your team grow. Follow his example to develop a happy, motivated, successful team.

Lead by Example

Ted Lasso does the things he asks his team to do. He demonstrates hard work and commitment and learns from his mistakes. Be like Ted.

Be Authentic

Ted is his genuine self. His quirks make him relatable and likable.

Show your authentic self so your team follows your lead. Build self-awareness, highlight your strengths, and improve on your weaknesses.

Find the Good in Others

Ted Lasso is unwaveringly positive. His bright outlook in times of adversity is infectious. Share this type of positivity with your team every day.

Treat Everyone Fairly

Ted Lasso treats everyone respectfully. He creates unity within his team so his players know they belong. Use Ted as a model to create an environment where everyone can shine.

Include Empathy in Relationships

Ted makes time for his team. His active listening, understanding, and support help him connect with others.

Model Ted’s actions to foster a culture of communication and trust with your team. See the best in them as you offer understanding and forgiveness for mistakes.

Emphasize Performance and Potential

Ted Lasso cares about his players as people. He spends time getting to know their personal interests, motivations, and obstacles.

Use Ted’s example as a reminder that leadership is not just about the bottom line. Nurture human potential to support desired outcomes.

Overcome Obstacles

When Ted Lasso went from coaching football to coaching soccer, he focused on the possibilities. He embraced learning and adaptation and tackled challenges.

Follow Ted’s example when navigating unfamiliar territory. Try new approaches to situations to see what works. Break down problems to identify their root causes and develop solutions.

Humour Is Helpful

Ted Lasso uses laughter to lighten the mood and build camaraderie. You, too, can blend serious work with chuckles to dissolve tension.

Patience Supports Progress

Ted Lasso understands that growth happens over time. Take small steps to nurture progress and create lasting change.

Celebrate Wins

Ted Lasso reinforces positive behaviour to develop a culture of appreciation. He emphasizes failure as an opportunity for learning and growth. Model his behavior with your team.

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