Many companies hire temporary workers to handle accounting responsibilities. Growing, entrepreneurial and startup businesses need temps to implement and train on new technology. Companies need assistance with business intelligence and data analytics projects. Whatever the reason, your company can benefit from hiring temporary workers to fill business gaps. Here’s how to effectively employ temporary workers.

4 Tips For Utilizing Temp Accounting Staff 

1. Adjust Staff to Your Workload

Employing temporary workers means adjusting your number of staff members according to your workload fluctuations. Temps can cover employee absences due to illness, vacation, maternity or disability leave or sudden departure. They can take on unexpected or temporary demands such as special projects, seasonal or peak periods or employee shortages.

2 .Hire for Specialized Skills

Employing temporary workers provides you with the specialized skills you need to fulfill your accounting needs. Many highly skilled professionals with a range of education and work experience can tackle critical projects limited in time and scope. Cultivating a strong relationship with a staffing firm means continual access to such skills when you need them.

3. Maintain Flexibility

Bringing aboard temporary workers provides flexibility in work arrangements while meeting business needs. Having a mix of full-time employees and temporary workers results in a more efficient workplace, more flexible job market and increased opportunities for employers and employees. Improving productivity also enhances your bottom line and provides employee job security.

4. Find Potential New Hires

Hiring temporary workers lets you evaluate their performance without committing to keep them long-term. This can be a cost-efficient way to test their abilities and see how they perform. You may request a temp for multiple assignments if they prove to be an asset to your business. Or, you can maintain production with a temp while you search for another candidate. If you decide the temporary worker suits your business, you may decide to hire them as full-time employees. If not, you can replace one temporary worker with another.

Fill Business Gaps with Mercer Bradley

As a leading recruitment agency in Western Canada, Mercer Bradley works with you to fill your business gaps. We provide temporary and contract accountants when you need them. Because accounting requirements often are time-sensitive, we understand you cannot sacrifice quality. Whether you face planned or unplanned leaves, year-end reporting, tax preparation or an upcoming merger, Mercer Bradley can help. We provide interim CFOs, senior-level accounting professionals, highly qualified business consultants and clerical accounting staff with proven track records who are ready to help you for as long as you need. Critical issues we’ve solved include coverage for maternity leave, vacation or sick leave, year-end or quarter-end, audit/audit preparation and special projects or assignments. Reach out to us today!

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