Providing a comprehensive employee wellness program helps your company maintain a competitive edge. Employees with greater overall wellness are more engaged, perform better, and remain loyal longer. Because employees are a lifeblood for your business, if you do not have an employee wellness program, you want to implement one.

3 Ways To Promote Wellness At Work

1. Holistic Approach

For maximum impact in improving your employees’ overall well-being, take a holistic approach. Incorporating all mutually interdependent dimensions of wellness, including physical, emotional, social, mental, occupational, environmental, financial and purposeful health, will have a much longer-term impact than focusing on just physical fitness or nutrition.

2. Customized Opportunities

Because your employees are all different, provide a variety of opportunities to increase their well-being. Base your wellness offerings on your company’s culture, vision, goals, and demographics. Keep in mind that multiple locations within your business may have distinct cultures and should provide different wellness options. To determine your company’s needs, either hire a corporate wellness consultant or ask your employees which of their wellness needs are greatest and how you can fill them. Use your results to create a tailored program to best support those needs. For instance, if the work environment is stressful, you may offer stress management and resilience workshops. Or, you could create a Wellness Room for employees to rest for a few minutes in comfortable chairs while drinking water or fresh juice. You may even add a massage chair with staff hours for hand, foot, or full-body massages. Aromatherapy or essential oil treatments may be complimentary as well. To promote physical fitness, you might arrange for an on-site workout center with open area for fitness classes and individual programs with certified trainers. Or, you could reimburse employees for specific fitness-related purchases. During flu season, you may offer on-site flu shots.

3. Work-Life Balance

Focus on work-life balance as part of company culture. For instance, offer employees a flexible schedule, remote work options, and additional time off to manage personal issues. Consider implementing a company policy that requires employees to use all of their vacation, personal, and sick days. Offer a three-day weekend at least once a year. Organize social activities outside the office, such as snow-shoeing, attending a live comedy show, or enjoying a music festival. Create a team of volunteers to support a fundraising event for a local not-for-profit organization.

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