As a Canadian accounting professional, you should be attending conferences related to your field. You gain opportunities to network with other professionals while staying current on industry news and trends. Here are four accounting conferences you may want to attend in 2019.

4 Accounting and Finance Conferences That Can Boost Your Career This Year

1. National Technology Forum 2019

Are you interested in emerging technologies in accounting, business, and finance? Attend the National Technology Forum 2019 in Toronto. You can connect with peers, experts, and pioneers on best-fit technology solutions for your clients/company. You will learn about forward-thinking tech strategies to support innovation, performance, and sustainability. High profile keynote speakers from the tech industry, sessions on the latest tech solutions and feature comparisons, and interactive roundtables, panels and workshops will provide a better understanding of how emerging resources, tools, and trends in big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and more will impact your business. Topics include technology-assisted practice, insights on tech upgrades and replacements, and how to enhance service delivery and value.

2. Commodity Tax Symposium 2019

Are you interested in staying updated on critical indirect tax issues and networking with other indirect tax professionals? Participate in the Commodity Tax Symposium 2019 in Ottawa. Through in-depth technical sessions and practical issues identification and topic analysis, you will learn the latest strategies to deal with tax changes in Canada. Also, engaging keynote speakers will share relevant insights into the impact of policy and legislation on your company. Topics include customs and trade, industry-specific challenges, and critical issues in commodity tax.

3. Public Sector Conference 2019

Are you a senior financial professional working in the public sector or for a not-for-profit that follows PSAB standards? Attend the Public Sector Conference 2019 in Ottawa. Through a variety of innovative sessions, captivating keynote speakers, thought-provoking panels, and networking, you will be able to upgrade your skills, learn about the top challenges facing public sector finance professionals, and stay current on emerging professional trends while exploring important leadership and accounting subjects. Topics include PSAB updates, innovative best practices, technology trends for the public sector, and government financial management and reporting.

4. Mastering Money Conference 2019

Are you interested in learning about the trends affecting the economic landscape and their effect on how Canadians manage their money? Participate in the Mastering Money Conference 2019 in Ottawa. Based on the theme “building resilience in volatile economies,” the conference will gather thought leaders and industry experts throughout Canada to discuss providing Canadians with greater knowledge to make personal and business financial decisions. Topics include fixed/low income and other vulnerable populations, financial stressors and life events, and why we should care about international trade, war and government instability.

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