With the sunshine and warm temperatures, going to work can be challenging. In most cases, you would rather be outside enjoying the weather than cooped up in an office. Fortunately, you can take steps to balance your job with time off this summer to remain focused and productive.

5 Ways To Balance Your Job and Personal Life

#1 Create a Plan

Make a plan according to your top priorities. Since you probably are bombarded all summer with invitations to beach days, picnics, barbeques, pool parties, and other fun activities, decide which matter most to you and put them on your calendar. You will be able to set aside the time you need to finish your work during the week and save your weekends for having fun with family, friends, and colleagues. If you properly plan your schedule and come to work early when possible, you may be able to leave an hour or two early or take days off.

#2 Take a Vacation

Plan your vacation time. If you take a week to travel, determine which activities interest you most and add them to a list. Figure out when you can participate in each activity while leaving plenty of time for spontaneity. If planning a week-long vacation sounds daunting, take off for a few long weekends instead. Plan fewer activities with plenty of rest time. Either way, vacation is meant to be fun and rejuvenating.

#3 Limit Technology

Set limits on using technology. For instance, apply a vacation automatic reply to your email account so that colleagues and clients know you will get back to them when you return. Also, set timeframes for turning off your digital devices and focusing solely on making memories. Because technology is one of the biggest time sucks, you need to unplug to fully participate in what is going on around you. Spending time with others is more important than catching up on work, social media, or TV shows.

#4 Spend Time Outdoors

Participate in outdoor activities as much as possible. For instance, swim at the local pool, attend a summer concert at the park, or go for a family bike ride. Go for a hike, read a book, or take a walk. If you have house projects or errands to do, set aside time on the weekend to complete them while leaving an entire day purely for fun. Spending time outside will help you unwind and gear up for your next work day. You will feel refreshed from the exercise and fresh air, sleep better, and want to get up in the morning.

#5 Be Present

Be mentally present while participating in summer activities. For instance, limit your screen time, increase your time outside with family and friends, and improve your efficiency to complete your work on time. Work will be more engaging when you invest time in outdoor activities with people you care about.

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