Cross-departmental assignments can help strengthen your accounting team. Having your team work on projects with coworkers in other departments helps increase overall expertise and unifies your employees while reaching common goals. As a result, your company continuously improves its operations and bottom line.

5 Benefits For Your Team

Benefit #1: Broader Skill Sets

Cross-departmental assignments result in broader skill sets. Accountants and other department workers find answers by thinking logically, critically, and/or emotionally. For example, the skills needed to excel in accounting are very different than those needed in marketing. By blending all of these skills, coworkers can more efficiently and effectively come up with answers to unexpected issues. Teammates learn to be tolerant and patient while peacefully resolving conflicts.

Benefit #2: Greater Innovation

Cross-departmental assignments help increase innovation. Because accountants and workers in other departments see things from their own perspective, they can provide different input for an issue. Bringing together experts from various departments helps create innovative solutions for increasing efficiencies, creating a new product or service, and developing other ways to improve the bottom line. Change happens more quickly when team members from multiple departments look at processes from a new angle, give their input and get onboard with making things better.

Benefit #3: Ongoing Professional Development

Cross-departmental assignments provide opportunities for ongoing professional development. Accountants and coworkers in other departments continually learn new skills and gain experiences that enhance their individual and collaborative output. Engaging in a variety of work keeps team members motivated to complete their tasks and loyal to your company longer. Teammates increasingly add value to your organization and bring it to new levels.

Benefit #4: Increased Trust

Cross-departmental assignments reduce the incidence of departments becoming internally isolated and compartmentalized, increasing the odds of company success. When your accounting team works with other departments, coworkers cultivate relationships and build bridges that increase efficiency and productivity. There is a greater focus on company mission and increased communication that reduces problems before they occur. Teammates learn to rely on themselves and others to overcome obstacles.

Benefit #5: Company Goal Achievement

Cross-departmental assignments help accountants understand their role in achieving short- and long-term company goals. Coworkers can ask questions and share information while collaborating on a project. Seeing how individual and departmental tasks and projects complement the work performed in other departments increases employees’ feeling of buy-in with the company. Accountants and coworkers feel empowered to continue performing at high levels and growing the company.

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