Who is Meagan Funk, Staffing Manager?

Meagan Funk is a Staffing Manager at Mercer Bradley. She came to work for us after meeting Angela, our practice leader, at a networking event. Meagan was close to graduating from a business administration program at Red River College and was looking for a job. She was drawn to an opening with Mercer Bradley because Meagan had worked in many temporary positions as an Administrative Assistant/Receptionist in both Winnipeg and Toronto. After spending so much time as a candidate, Meagan wanted to see what it was like working on the recruiting side of a staffing agency.

Meagan’s Previous Work

Before becoming a recruiter, Meagan had other positions. For example, she worked as a magician’s assistant in Niagara Falls, where she would appear to get cut in half and turn into a tiger during shows. Also, due to Meagan’s experience as a professional dancer on a cruise ship, she now runs a dance company that teaches weekly classes for adults who perform during weddings, corporate events, fundraisers and other local activities.

Why Meagan Loves Mercer Bradley

Meagan says that being a Staffing Manager at Mercer Bradley is like running a business. Her position satisfies her inner entrepreneur and desire for the challenges involved with juggling multiple opportunities at once. Meagan also enjoys investing her days in networking and building relationships, matching candidates with clients, and making a difference in individuals’ careers and lives.

Meagan also appreciates the fact that Mercer Bradley truly does the right thing and chooses fostering relationships over earning money. She also loves working in a fun environment where she enjoys her teammates who genuinely care about the work they do.

Meagan’s Rewarding Work

One of Meagan’s most rewarding projects was working with a new mother coming off maternity leave and looking for a new position. The mother was excited to start a new career but didn’t have family in the area, was anxious about leaving her child with a caregiver, and was limited in the number of hours she could work. Meagan worked with the mother and a family-oriented client company to secure an agreement that benefitted everyone. Although reaching the agreement was full of challenges, Meagan learned the importance of being completely honest and ensuring both parties were on the same page every step of the way. Meagan felt rewarded by helping the candidate start a new career and the client find a loyal, hard-working employee.

Meagan also enjoys working with clients from nonprofit organizations. She says they’re pleasant to work with and that she loves doing good in the community, helping others and making a difference.

How Do You Connect?

You can benefit from working with our talented team at Mercer Bradley as well. Our recruiters are fantastic at making connections between companies looking to hiring quality temporary and contract employees and folks looking for a great job. Contact our recruiters today to learn how they can help you find the talent you are looking for or an accounting job in Western Canada.

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