Employers typically conduct background checks on candidates to increase the quality of new hires. Employers want to know that candidates are honest about who they say they are, possess the skills and experience necessary for the role, and will help ensure safety in the workplace. Therefore, you need to portray the most professional image possible to increase your chances of being offered a job.

Here are three ways you can positively influence your background check.

Tip #1: Stay in Touch with Former Employers and Colleagues

Remaining in contact with previous employers and colleagues helps them retain a positive image of you. Taking the time to show you genuinely care keeps you on the forefront of their minds. When potential employers call for a reference check, your previous employers and colleagues can portray a positive image of your skills, experience, fit with company culture and ability to cultivate relationships. This encourages employers to hire you.

Tip #2: Clean Up Your Online Image

Ensure your online image portrays a professional appearance. For example, view your Facebook, Twitter and other accounts as “public” and remove posts, photos and comments that depict alcohol consumption, illegal drug use, sparsely clothed individuals, racist jokes or other inappropriate material. Also, perform a Google search of your name in quotes and ask the search engine to remove any unprofessional posts and images that appear. In addition, update your LinkedIn profile so your professional picture, education, skills, work experience and contact information are current.

Tip #3: Perform Your Own Background Check

Run your own background check to see what comes up. You should find information provided by educational institutions, previous employers, criminal and civil court records and driving records. Verify that the details given are correct, and contact the appropriate party if they aren’t. For example, if your credit report lists a debt that isn’t yours, contact the credit bureau reporting the debt and ask them to remove the error.

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