Leadership Skills Your Accounting Team Needs

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Your employees’ leadership skills are necessary for your company to remain competitive. Utilizing these skills helps decide what lines of business you pursue and how well you exceed customers’ needs. Here are eight leadership skills your accounting team needs to stay ahead in your industry.

Here are eight leadership skills your accounting team needs, to stay ahead in your industry.


1) Industry Expertise

Your accounting team needs to be a collection of experts in your industry. They must understand what they’re doing and be an authoritative voice for colleagues, clients and other industry professionals to respect. Your team must also use their expertise to drive business decisions and explain what directions the company may want to move in.

2) Sharing Company Vision

Your accounting team must share their vision of your company’s future. Your team also need to help map out steps and find ways to motivate employees to achieve desired results. For example, employees should clearly understand how their role contributes to overall business goals so employees have a sense of purpose and continue engaging in their work.

3) Problem Solving

Your accounting team needs to be efficient at solving problems. Effectively solving problems to benefit employees and/or customers results in a positive experience for everyone. Employees and customers will feel listened to and respected, increasing loyalty to your organization.

4) Effective Communication

Your accounting team must effectively communicate with others in your organization. For example, your team must know how to clearly get a point across, describe company goals to colleagues, and ensure daily tasks are completed to reach those goals. Your team also must be able to facilitate work conversations, such as what skills and experience a position requires of a candidate, and conduct meetings at appropriate times.

5) Time Management

Your accounting team needs to demonstrate effective time management. This includes individual and group timelines for completing tasks and reaching company objectives. Your team must also decide where to invest your company’s time and resources, which clients have a desired ROI, and which opportunities your company should pursue.

6) Trustworthiness

Your accounting team must be trustworthy. They should display honesty, integrity, and transparency at all times. For example, your team should perform their best work daily to reach company goals. They should also demonstrate competence in all areas of work.

7) Relationship Building

Your accounting team need to effectively cultivate relationships with colleagues and clients. This involves investing substantial time, effort and emotion in maintaining business relationships. As a result, your team will put in additional effort to ensure colleagues’ and clients’ needs are met.

8) Filling Team Needs

Your accounting team must ensure colleagues have the skills and tools necessary to complete their work. For example, when dividing up tasks for a project, the colleague with the greatest expertise in an area should take on that task. Also, if a colleague needs additional training in a certain area, that training should be provided.

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