Your Corporate Reputation Should Get the Attention It Deserves

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Your company’s success is partially determined by its reputation in the marketplace. Along with integrity and ethics, your business needs to provide quality products or services resulting from strong leadership, vision and other desirable qualities.

Therefore, you need to cultivate and monitor your company’s reputation in a variety of ways so it receives the attention it deserves.


Strategy #1: Monitor Your Executive Team

Because your company’s reputation is most significantly impacted by your executive team, you need to ensure they set the right tone for your organization. Your executive team is responsible for developing and nurturing your company’s mission and vision. Therefore, executives need to model proper business practices and codes of conduct so that employees at other levels follow suit.

Strategy #2: Create an Attractive Work Environment

When you offer an attractive work environment, you have no issues attracting quality employees. Ensure employees feel respected, challenged and rewarded for their efforts so they have a positive image of your organization. Quality employees typically produce quality products and services.

Strategy #3: Professionally Treat Suppliers

Interact with suppliers in a professional manner. For example, pay a fair price for deliverables. Also, pay your company bills on time. When you help your vendors succeed, they talk about your organization in a positive manner.

Strategy #4: Provide Quality Products and Services

Along with proper branding and marketing, your company needs to provide quality products and services. Without these offerings, you don’t have a sustainable business. Minor issues typically will be overlooked when customers love what you have to offer and how you provide it.

Strategy #5: Efficiently Resolve Issues

Ensure you efficiently resolve issues. For example, take responsibility for a mistake, correct the problem and follow up to ensure the other party is satisfied with the resolution. Most individuals are forgiving when errors are admitted and quickly fixed.

Strategy #6: Get Involved in Your Community

Improve your company’s reputation by being involved in the community. For example, benefit nonprofit organizations by serving on a board of directors, sponsoring community events or making charitable donations. Focusing on citizenship shows your organization cares about members of your community.

Strategy #7: Encourage Reviews

Ask your employees and customers to write online company reviews. Information provided by a third party is more likely to be believed and trusted than information written by company executives.

Strategy #8: Monitor Your Company’s Online Image

Assign employees to monitor your company’s online image. Have them regularly search for your business online to see how high your results rank, what feedback you receive and how you may improve your results. For example, use social media accounts to create original content your customers want to read, encourage them to comment on and share your posts, and respond to what they say. Also, start a blog to provide customers with information that establishes your company as an expert in your field and adds value to customers’ lives.

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