As an employer, you have a legal right to know all you can about a candidate you may hire to work for your company. You need to know whether the candidate is truly qualified for a position, will most likely fit with company culture, and should help ensure a safe work environment. Therefore, you need to run a background check on each candidate you decide to interview.

Here are three examples of the strategic value of a background check on your potential employees.

1) Verify Education and Work History

A background check helps you verify a candidate’s education and work history. In today’s competitive environment, a candidate may claim they earned an academic degree that they didn’t or attended an institution that doesn’t exist. A candidate may also embellish their work history, claiming they possess skills they don’t have, held roles they didn’t, or worked at companies they haven’t. Because you value honesty and transparency, you need to know whether a candidate is telling the truth about who they really are.

2) Determine Qualifications

Performing a background check can help determine whether a candidate is qualified for a position. For example, you can contact previous employers, supervisors and coworkers to find out whether a candidate has the appropriate skills, experience and character to take on a role within your organization. Also, you can verify whether reference letters are authentic. In addition, you can gain insight into what motivates a candidate and what types of training and coaching may be most appropriate if you hire them.

3) Enhance Employees’ Wellbeing

A background check can improve safety for both your employees and company property. For example, when appropriate performing a criminal background check may help determine the likelihood of a candidate causing harm to other employees or company property. In addition, because accounting and finance roles involve money, it may be your organization’s policy to perform a consumer credit check. This can reveal whether a candidate properly handles their personal finances and most likely will properly handle your company’s finances. Furthermore, performing a motor vehicle records check for candidates who may be driving company vehicles or using personal vehicles for company business uncovers whether a candidate has been involved in traffic violations that may negatively affect your employees or company property.

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These are three examples of the strategic value of a background check of your potential employees. If you’re looking to partner with a Vancouver, Edmonton or Winnipeg recruiting firm, contact Mercer Bradley!


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