Because your company wants to hire top talent, it’s important you stay in touch with passive candidates. Since passive candidates aren’t searching for a job, you need to build long-term relationships to show how your organization can benefit candidates’ career development. When the right role opens up, candidates will be more likely to interview with your company.

Here are four benefits of staying in touch with candidates who aren’t currently looking for a job.

1) Less Hiring Competition

Because passive candidates aren’t actively searching for a job, you’ll face less hiring competition. Since passive candidates are content with their work and enjoy being valuable assets to their organization, candidates are less likely to be interviewing with your competition when you offer an opportunity that grabs a candidate’s interest. Also, if candidates decide they’re not interested in a position with your company, they’ll let you know upfront so neither of you wastes time pursuing something that won’t come to fruition. In addition, candidates may refer colleagues who might be interested in your opportunity and can be added to your list.

2) Stronger Culture Fit

Passive candidates are typically stronger fits with company culture. Because candidates are very selective about who they may work for, they want to ensure their personalities fit well with a company’s values and beliefs. Candidates also want to feel some level of trust and familiarity with a company so they know what to expect and can visualize working there. In addition, when candidates are a strong cultural fit, they work well with colleagues, get trained faster and more quickly become high performers.

3) Greater Impact on Your Company

Passive candidates typically have a greater impact on your organization when they decide to work for you. Because adding value to your company is a top priority for passive candidates, candidates want to begin demonstrating their value from the start. Since they typically have the skills and experience necessary for their new position, candidates often need little training before producing positive results. Also, because candidates remain actively engaged in learning about their industry, they stay updated on the latest news and trends and can benefit your company in even greater ways.

4) Higher Retention Rate

Hiring passive candidates typically increases your retention rate. Because candidates take more time to evaluate their options before deciding to interview with a company, candidates are more likely to wait for the opportunity that best serves their interests. As a result, candidates are more inclined to resolve issues as they occur and remain with your company longer. You save much time and money by not having to restart the recruiting and training process for a while.

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