If you’re looking to advance your accounting career, you may want to partner with a staffing agency that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You may save time by letting an agency place you with companies looking for exactly the skills you have to offer. Here are three ways Mercer Bradley can help advance your accounting career.

Here are three ways Mercer Bradley can help advance your accounting career.

1) Placement Connections

Mercer Bradley has a vast network of connections to help place you in the most appropriate role and organization. Because many of our client companies don’t advertise open positions, you face less competition securing a temporary or permanent position. Also, because we stay current with the job market, we know what skills are in demand and can coach you on how to more effectively market yourself during an interview with a client company.

2) Career Options

At Mercer Bradley, we provide you with a variety of options for your accounting career. Whether searching for a role in the field you currently work in or in something that add to your toolbox, you’re typically able to secure a role in the area that interests you most. Depending on your needs, you may choose to work at a temp job part- or full-time, on a contract or temp-to-hire basis, or as a direct placement. If you choose temporary work, your assignment may last a few weeks or months, or a year or longer. You may also work with multiple companies, learn to adapt to new environments, and build your skill set. In addition, you’ll be able to network while temping, which may lead to other, more permanent opportunities. Even if you’re not hired on by the company you temp with, you can create new contacts who provide references for future employment.

3) Career Advancement

Mercer Bradley provides opportunities to help you advance your career. For example, although getting your foot in the door of some companies can be challenging, we may be able to introduce you to hiring managers you typically wouldn’t be able to meet with on your own. Also, we’re often able to place you in open roles perfect for helping you advance your career. When you’re able to show substantial ways in which you can add value to an organization, you’re more likely to be brought aboard on a temporary basis that could turn into permanent employment. In addition, you also benefit from gaining on-the-job training, professional connections and a competitive income to help you advance in your field. Furthermore, you gain the flexibility of taking on assignments of your choice and having greater impact on your career path. Plus, as you build a successful track record, Mercer Bradley can advocate on your behalf to help you secure more advanced positions that build your reputation as an expert in your field.

Are you looking for an Accounting Job In Western Canada

These are three ways we can help you advance your accounting career. If you’re looking for a role in Western Canada, contact the experts at Mercer Bradley!


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