When you secure a long-term temp position, you want to make the most of your time with the company. After all, you may be looking for the chance to be hired on full-time. Therefore, you need a plan to show multiple ways in which you’re an asset to the organization. Follow these tips to hit the ground running on a long-term temp assignment.

Follow these tips to hit the ground running on a long-term temp assignment.

1) Behave as Though You Have a Full-Time Job

Treat each day as a working interview. For example, show up early, work to the best of your ability, and stay late when requested. Also, display a positive, team-oriented attitude by going the extra mile to help your coworkers and manager. In addition, remain flexible in completing tasks, and ask for feedback to improve your performance.

 2) Add to Your Skill Set

Continue taking on new tasks that build your skill set. For example, become involved with new projects so you learn new technologies, systems, applications or programs. Also, talk with experienced professionals to gain insight into more efficiently completing your work. In addition, take notes, ask questions and remain open to training in different areas. Furthermore, remain as self-sufficient as possible while knowing what resources to use or whom to turn to for help.

 3) Create Your Portfolio of Contributions

Keep track of your accomplishments in a portfolio detailing your contributions. For example, quantify the ways you helped the company increase revenue, decrease expenses or save on taxes. Also, save emails praising your work. Reflect on how you demonstrate a strong work ethic, creatively solve problems and fill company needs. This will be useful in future interviews. Make sure to keep a list of your skills and experience to add to your resume.

 4) Network

Network with coworkers, your manager, HR and executives at the company. For example, find common interests to build rapport and show how well you interact with coworkers. Also, let company decision makers know what other skills and experience you have that may benefit the organization if a role you’d be perfect for becomes available. Even if you don’t get hired on, you may be able to use your contacts as references for future positions or to learn about other opportunities.

5) Let Your Desire for a Full-Time Position Be Known (if that is what you are looking for)

If you decide you’d like a full-time role with the company, let your manager and staffing agency know. For example, once you’ve established a track record of productivity for at least 90 days, give reasons why you enjoy your work and how you’d continue adding value to the company. Because you fit in well with company culture, know the organization well and are trained for the position, hiring you on will typically be in the company’s best interest.

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