How to Earn Credibility and Influence Results

Showing up with confidence helps you build credibility at work. Displaying confidence at work is more important than having a specific title or background. Behaving confidently helps your voice be heard, valued, and respected. Choose among these methods to earn credibility and influence results. Encourage Strategic Thinking Develop your knowledge, skills, and mindset for strategic […]

Honest Strategies to Secure Your Dream Job Without Embellishing

Embellishing information during your job search is unethical. The details you present are perceived to be an honest representation of you. Because employers talk with each other and contact candidate references, they can find out that you embellished information in your cover letters, resumes, or interviews. As a result, you can lose out on job […]

Building a More Effective Communication Framework

Building a more effective communication framework benefits your accounting and finance team. Prioritizing what to say and how to say it helps your team understand and act on your ideas, suggestions, and feedback. You can use the “What, So What, Now What” framework outlined in a Harvard Business Review article to effectively communicate your message. […]

Strategies for Addressing Mistakes in the Workplace

Everyone makes mistakes. This is often how we learn. How you handle your mistakes is what matters. Effectively addressing mistakes in the workplace supports your professional image. Resolving issues as soon as possible and learning from them enhances your performance and demonstrates growth. Choose among these strategies to address mistakes in the workplace. Analyze Your […]

Cultivating Motivation in the Wake of Winter

Cultivating motivation in the wake of Winter can be difficult. You might rather stay in your warm bed all day than get up and be productive. Fortunately, you can take steps to increase motivation during the winter months. These suggestions can help. Choose among these tips to cultivate motivation in the wake of Winter. Regularly […]