Networking is a crucial skill for developing your accounting career. Not only do you cultivate relationships with people who often become friends, but you also get to know individuals who often become your company’s clients. Because you invest time in developing these relationships, you create winning opportunities for everyone involved.

1) Give and Receive Assistance

Networking lets you give and receive career assistance when needed. For instance, you may introduce a manager to an accountant who has the skills and experience they are looking for. Or, you may give a connection a recommendation or let them know about a vacancy they might be interested in filling. In return, you can request advice or assistance with developing your own career path. Your contacts will respect you for asking them to help and be happy to provide their expertise.

2) Strengthen Relationships

Networking helps you strengthen relationships. Whether meeting people at holiday gatherings, seasonal parties, or company events, you get to know your colleagues better. Being in a relaxed environment lets you be more open with each other than at the office. You get to know others on a deeper level and gain support in your career development.

3) Stay Current in the Industry

Networking helps you stay current in the accounting industry. You learn the latest news, trends, and best practices by talking with others in your field. Also, you take away fresh ideas that you may be able to implement at your company. Plus, you learn about the marketplace by talking your peers from other companies. Because you are always adding to your knowledge and skill set, you are seen as a credible and reliable industry leader.

4) Increase Your Opportunities

Networking increases your opportunities. Because the majority of job openings are filled by word-of-mouth, you gain access to career development opportunities that you may not have had otherwise. By staying closely connected with your contacts, you increase both your earning potential and job security. You never know who will lead you to your next position, provide a recommendation, act as an employee referral become a mentor or lead you to your next client. When it comes time, you can return the favor.

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