Mercer Bradley is proud to partner with the Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services (ACSESS) on Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) certification. ACSESS is the national voice of the recruiting, employment and staffing services industry in Canada. The organization uses professional development, research, resources, government relations and advocacy to advance best practices and ethical standards for the staffing industry. The CPC designation is administered by staffing industry associations in countries around the world and gives credibility that is recognized by clients, candidates and peers. Together, we improve the candidate and client experience for those we work with to ensure their needs are met in the most efficient and effective ways.


1) What CPC Certification Is

CPC certification is a professional credential that attests to the quality of services provided by staffing agency professionals in Canada. The business community and clients being served know that earning a CPC designation shows that the professional always adheres to the highest moral and ethical standards and complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

 2) Reasons to Become CPC Certified

When a staffing professional becomes CPC certified, they increase their performance and show their commitment to professionalism in an increasingly competitive industry. A CPC certified professional is recognized as credible by peers, candidates, clients and staffing industry associations worldwide.

3) Eligibility Requirements for CPC Certification

To become CPC certified, at least one year of experience in the staffing and direct hire/professional search industry is required. A staffing professional needs to currently own or be employed by a company in the staffing and direct hire/professional search industry.

 4) How to Earn CPC Certification

A staffing professional may earn CPC certification by attending industry-specific workshops on five core course modules. The modules were developed by Canadian professors in 2003-2004 and continue being updated by industry experts. The modules offer required knowledge and open dialogue on both participant and instructor experiences. Sessions are hosted in cities across Canada with the highest member demand and last half of a day. When all modules are completed, a staffing professional needs to pass the online Level 1 Test and the national exam, which may be taken in locations throughout the country. Because the national exam is a blend of student knowledge gained through participating in the workshops and working in the industry, there is no study guide.

 5) Improvements in CPC Certification

As of July 2010, ACSESS exemption policies and knowledge requirements needed for CPC certification were enhanced in line with improvements made in the United States. Other improvements being considered include webinars and other opportunities to increase program accessibility in all regions of Canada.

Find CPC Certified Accounting and Finance Professionals in Canada

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