As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to save time and money. Here are four ways you can save time, reduce IT costs and more by taking advantage of cloud service.

  • Simplification

When using the cloud, you simplify your need for IT services. Typical companies utilize various systems for using the phone, emailing, instant messaging, video calling, and creating and managing documents. Maintaining all of these systems through on-premise dedicated servers requires much time and money. However, with a cloud infrastructure, all of these systems can be replaced with one subscription.

  • Scalability

Utilizing the cloud lets you scale its features to fit your company’s needs and budget. You may require only basic tools such as an email provider, online storage for documents or the ability to video conference. Perhaps some of your employees work remotely and you need an online system that includes VoIP for collaboration on projects and communication with the home office. If you expand your business, you might need integrating rights management put into your file sharing so you keep your client data confidential. You could require intranet, advanced virus protection, eDiscovery, data loss prevention, or PSTN conferencing at some point. When using the cloud, you eliminate the cost and physical space needed for hardware, servers, and storage, and pay only for the storage you need.

  • Security

Investing in cloud service provides greater security than on-site servers do. Since cloud data is stored on remote servers, it won’t be affected by fires, floods or other natural disasters that may affect an on-site server. Because digital loss would be minimal, data recovery would be faster and easier. Also, because the storage provider is responsible for data security and hardware redundancy, your data is extremely secure and service continuous, even if one of the provider’s servers fails.

  • Mobility

Using the cloud lets your employees work remotely. Through applications and email, your staff may access their work from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows your employees to view and edit documents together while video conferencing rather than sending documents back and forth through email. You save time and money and increase productivity by facilitating interoffice communication and collaboration through the cloud.

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