Implement any of these ideas to create a summer camp in your backyard. Mercer Bradley


With the coronavirus pandemic still going, you’re probably staying home a lot. Odds are, this is not how you or your children planned to enjoy their summer vacation. Instead of playing with other kids at parks, pools, or camps, they’re most likely playing by themselves at home. Fortunately, your kids don’t have to miss out on all the fun: you can bring the summer activities to them!

Implement any of these ideas to create a summer camp in your backyard.

Set Up a Tent

Children enjoy being in tents. Whether it’s a camping tent or play tent, they can bring books, puzzles, toys, and imaginative play ideas inside.

Create a Water Park

Kids of all ages enjoy getting wet when it’s hot out. So, let them play in their own backyard water park. Set up some sprinklers, a wading pool, or a water table. Add buckets, sponges, and foam squirters. If you have older children, create team games like water limbo, where they try to run under a hose squirting water, or water tag, where they tag each other with a wet sponge. If you have younger kids, include rubber duckies and pool noodles in a wading pool.

Dig for Treasure

Younger children like digging in dirt or sand. You can bury small toys or coins in an area of the garden or sandbox. Then, provide small shovels and plastic cups for them to find the treasures. Or, freeze the toys in a large container of water. Then, provide a toy hammer or rubber mallet and wooden clothespin to excavate the items.

Work on Arts and Crafts

Kids enjoy making things. So, give them materials to create arts and crafts. Provide beads and yarn to make friendship bracelets. Let them tie dye white t-shirts. Give your kids disposable cameras to take nature pictures. Or, offer colored pencils and paper to draw what they see outside.

Make Cold Treats

Summer is the best time to eat frozen desserts. Allow your children to indulge by providing the ingredients for them to make their own ice cream. Supply yogurt, fresh fruit, and juice to combine in a blender and freeze in molds to make frozen pops. Or, have your kids peel bananas, put a craft stick in each, dip them in chocolate, and freeze them on a cookie sheet.

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