Vacationing 2021: Why This Might Be One of the Most Important Vacations You Take Mercer Bradley


With summer on its way, it is likely time to start thinking about vacation. Because a significant number of managers and employees have been working from home for the past year, many may have neglected taking vacation time.  It is now time to resume taking vacations. After all, time away from work is necessary to decompress. When managers and employees come back refreshed, they’re more engaged and productive. After a year of constant change and uncertainty, time away from work is exactly what everyone needs.

The following are a few ways managers can promote the use of vacation days and some suggestions for planning trips this year.

Encourage the Use of Vacation Days

Managers, be sure your team members understand the importance of using all of their vacation days this year. You may want to send an email to each employee stating the number of vacation days they have and your company’s policy for taking them. Include your expectations for when and how requests for time off should be submitted.

Lead by Example 

Show the importance of taking time off by using all of your vacation days. Otherwise, your team may feel uncomfortable using their own. After all, taking time off is important at every level of your organization. Everyone needs time away to maintain their mental health and overall well-being. When you take vacation time – take your vacation time. Do not respond to or send emails to your team unless absolutely necessary.

Set a Date for Your Vacation  

Employees, talk with your manager about which dates will work for you to take off. Be sure to suggest flexible dates in the coming weeks or months. If you wait too long, your teammates may want off at the same time, which can prevent you from leaving. Also, instead of a long vacation, plan for more frequent vacations with fewer days off. This way, you can take off at different times to rest and rejuvenate.

Thoroughly Plan Your Trip

Be sure you devote additional time to planning your vacation. For instance, research the area you want to visit to see what the COVID-19 activity level is and what travel restrictions are in place. Look for areas that are recovering faster and have a lower activity level than others Now is a great time to plan “staycations” and explore your home town or province.  How many local areas can you explore and support? Make it a family challenge and enjoy your time off!

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