MercerBradley Lessons on Personal Life and Careers We Learned From 2020


Saying that 2020 was a time of rapid change would be an understatement. The coronavirus pandemic upended our lives. We began sheltering in place. Millions started working from home. When schools and daycares closed, parents began teaching and entertaining their kids throughout the day. However, as we struggled to shift from an on-the-go lifestyle to spending more time at home, we began to think about what truly matters in life. This led to the discovery of lessons that made the year not completely bad.

Here are four lessons about personal life and work we learned from 2020.

Family and Friends Are a Top Priority

This year, we were able to reconnect with family and friends. Instead of constantly being on the go, we were forced to slow down. Rather than spending the majority of each day at the office, we had to work from home. Although this caused many conflicts for families when daycares and schools closed, it also made people reorganize their lives to accommodate the changes. We learned to let go of past issues, forgive each other, and find creative ways to spend time together while remaining physically apart.

Overall Well-Being Is Critical

This time of social distancing, unemployment, and other sources of stress taught us that physical, mental, and emotional health were vital. Because feelings of depression, anxiety, and uncertainty were high, drug use and the suicide rate increased. We learned to talk about our thoughts and feelings and get professional help when needed. We also focused more on healthy eating and daily exercise to relieve stress.

Saving Money Is Important

The recession taught us that having money in savings and investments is crucial. Many of us were able to build our savings by not going out as much during the pandemic. We learned to be happy with what we had and value what truly matters in life. This included setting aside enough money to cover several months of expenses in case of an emergency. For people who lost their job or needed to transition between jobs, having money in savings let them pay bills. They avoided having to sell possessions or add to their debt.

Having a Career Backup Plan Is Important

Millions of people who experienced pay decreases, furloughs, or unemployment discovered the importance of having a career backup plan. Many job seekers began partnering with a staffing agency to find temporary, contract, or permanent work. Working with a recruiter provided opportunities that the job seekers could not be found elsewhere. They benefitted from coaching on resumes, interviewing, and more.

Partnering with a Recruiter

Many job seekers in Western Canada found new accounting & finance roles with help from Mercer Bradley. Our staffing and recruitment specialists worked to find the best career fit in line with their needs and interests. For help finding an accounting & finance role, visit our job board today!

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