As a professional, LinkedIn is among your top networking sites. You can find ideas, inspiration, feedback, and recommendations for job openings, career advice, mentorship, and more. For these reasons, you want a robust network available to help you on your accounting and finance career path. Your connections can introduce you to other professionals, refer you for job openings, and more.  

Here are five types of people to connect with on LinkedIn. 

Person #1: Professionals You Know  

Connect with professionals you’ve worked with or met at industry events. Current and former colleagues, bosses, coworkers, and industry acquaintances are part of your life and can help with your career. Since these people understand your work, you can turn to each other for help and endorse each other’s skills. Be sure you react to, comment on, and share their posts so they’re likely to reciprocate. Stay updated as your career paths change. You might be able to receive or serve as a referral.  

Person #2: Professionals You Want to Meet  

Reach out to professionals in your industry. You may have viewed their profile and seen a link to a career opportunity. Perhaps you heard the person talk at a conference you enjoyed. Maybe their resume is one you’d like to model. The majority of professionals should be in the same or similar occupation and industry as you, or the same occupation in a different industry. Focus on individuals at or above your level. The content you create or share will resonate with them and provide additional value. Since these like-minded professionals might become your colleagues, employers, or mentors one day, start getting to know them today.   

Person #3: People from Your Extended Background 

Get in touch with family, friends, classmates, professors, mentors, and others you’ve met along the way. Because you know and trust each otheryou’re willing to help each other however possible. These individuals may own companies or provide you with connections that can lead to opportunities. You gain insight into each other’s network that you otherwise may not have. Even if these people aren’t in your industry, they can provide you with a wider perspective on careers in general. You may be able to help them as well.    

Person #4: Individuals with Substantial Connections  

Contact professionals who have a high number of connections. Whether due to their job or personality, these individuals easily build relationships with a variety of people. You gain new perspectives and diversity in your network. Because they’re easily approachable, these professionals may introduce you to a contact who can help advance your career. Offer to return the favor. 

Person #5: People with Specialized Skills 

Connect with people who excel in areas you don’t. You can ask for their assistance when needed. Be sure to offer help in areas you’re skilled in that they’re not. Thank them for their services.   

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