A New Guide to Video Interview Etiquette Mercer Bradley


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are using technology to recruit employees. Rather than have candidates come to the office and risk spreading coronavirus, hiring managers are using platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, and Skype to conduct video interviews. Although the questions and conversations may be similar to in-person interviews, preparing for a video interview requires additional steps.  

Check out these video interview tips from our Practice Leader, Angela Chambers

Implement these best practices when preparing for your video interview.  

Set Up Your Environment  

Check that you have an appropriate background for your video interview. Ensure you have proper lighting in the foreground to promote a polished look. Set up a plant or sit in front of a bookshelf or painting to reflect your personal brand. Avoid having your back to window, which can make you appear as a dark shadow. Put distracting items and clutter out of view of the camera. Ask someone to watch your pets or children to avoid interruptions. Turn off your phone and computer notifications. 

Test Your Technology 

Find out in advance which platform and tools the interviewers will be using. Log in beforehand to monitor your connection speed so your video comes across smoothly. Download the meeting tools to ensure you know how to use them. Keep your resume, a pen, and notepad near you to take notes, show you’re listening, and collect your thoughts. Make sure the interviewers have your cellphone number in case you need to conduct a phone interview. If the technology doesn’t work, make light of the situation to show you can react appropriately under stress. 

Dress Professionally 

Wear attire appropriate for an interview. Dressing professionally from head to toe enhances your demeanor, improves your posture, and shows you’re serious about securing the position. Include subtle additions to show your personality, such as your favorite necklace or a bit of color in your tie. Stay away from bright colors and busy patterns, especially stripes, that can look distorted on camera and cause distractions.    

Make a Positive Impression 

Provide the best possible impression for the interviewers. If you have a video interview, look into the camera when talking. If you have a phone interview, look at photos of the interviewers to help you relax and connect with them. Listen closely to what is being said. Pause to make sure the speaker is finished before sharing your reply. Speak in a natural, warm manner.   

Follow Up 

Send a thank-you note within 24 hours of your interview. Whether you want the job or not, make it clear in your email. Be patient if the hiring manager takes longer than usual to get back to you. They may need approval from various people to extend a job offer 

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