What Matters to Your Stakeholders?


When you accept a new accounting job and let your manager know you’re leaving, they may give you a counteroffer. Your manager might question why you’re leaving and try to convince you to stay. Before deciding whether to accept a counteroffer, it’s in your best interest to consider why the offer is coming once you have given your notice. Here are eight questions to ask yourself when you get a counteroffer.

Did You Get A Counter Offer to Stay At Your Current Employer? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions:

1. Why Is My Employer Trying to Make Me Feel Guilty for Leaving?

Your manager may try guilting you into staying. They might ask how you can throw away what you’ve built there. Know that these could be stalling tactics to buy time. Your manager needs to figure out what to do before letting you leave.

2. Why Is My Employer Making Promises So I Stay?

Your manager may make promises to encourage you to stay. They might guarantee future promotions. The reality is that once you resign, you’ve broken their trust. If you decided to stay, It is hard to go back to that same level of trust.

3. Why Would You Stay Because Your Employer Offered More Money?

Odds are you will be offered more money to motivate you to stay. However, salary probably isn’t your main reason for leaving. More money doesn’t change the underlying issues that prompted you to resign. It won’t take long for things to return to the way they were before you resigned.

4. If You’re Worth a Salary Increase, Why Wasn’t Weren’t You Being Paid  That Earlier?

If you weren’t valuable enough for a salary increase before, why are you being offered that now?

5. What Should My Resignation Letter Look Like?

Bring a resignation letter when providing your manager notice. Keep your letter short and polite. Reflect on the points you want to make about why you’re leaving. Thank your manager for their investment and time. Let them know you’ve found a new opportunity that’s right for you and your career.

6. Why Not Seize the Opportunity for Career Growth?

If your career growth is slow or nonexistent, take advantage of the opportunity to move on. Change and transformation don’t happen when you stay where you are.

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