As an accounting professional in Western Canada, there are a variety of jobs available for you. Based on your skills, experience, knowledge and interests, you’re most likely qualified for a number of roles that Mercer Bradley needs to fill. Here are four types of accounting jobs available in Western Canada.

Accounting Opportunities in Western Canada

1. Chief Financial Officer

As a chief financial officer (CFO), you’re responsible for overseeing the financial operations of a company. For instance, you are responsible for internal control policies, guidelines and procedures for budget administration, cash and credit management, accounting and other activities. You will have accountability for financial statements, business activity reports, financial position forecasts, annual budgets, and/or reports required by regulatory agencies. You provide leadership and focus for the accounting and finance departments to ensure they efficiently operate and comply with laws and company policies as well as meeting goals. You could be involved with overseeing purchasing, pricing, investments, tax, debt management, treasury functions and information technology. You will need advanced knowledge of accounting, budgeting and finances, as well as strong computer skills, to create calculations and reports. You also need excellent public speaking and presentation skills to convey the information in reports to upper management and external stakeholders.

2. Financial Controller

As a financial controller, you oversee all money-related activities for a company. Because you’re probably a CPA, you have years of experience in budgeting, analysis, tax compliance and related areas. You’re responsible for overseeing the company’s books, leading audits and supervising less-experienced members of the accounting team. You work with the rest of the management team to develop strategic plans and ensure compliance.

3. ERP Consultant

Working as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) consultant, you assist a company with resource- planning decisions and implementation. You ensure the software efficiently runs and work with stakeholders to develop and oversee solutions when it doesn’t. You might assess a company’s business requirements and develop an implementation plan; determine employee software training needs and implement a plan; or recommend improvements to business processes. You ensure all solutions are time- and cost-effective. Relevant computer skills such as SQL and/or NAV are required.

4. Tax Specialist

In a role as tax specialist, you work with employers on tax-related issues. You research and understand the implications of relevant tax laws, meet with clients to gather information, and explain their options. You also complete tax forms and audit the company’s tax records. You focus on tax planning, advise on reducing the amount of taxes paid, and maintaining compliance. Plus, you review tax credits and analyze their benefits, file tax forms and maintain tax records.

Find Your Next Accounting Role in Western Canada 

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