As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to play an even more significant role in accounting, you may be wondering what that means for your accounting career. With growing talk about automation taking over accounting tasks, you might be concerned about how you can remain marketable in the field. Fortunately, AI is taking over repetitive, low-level tasks such as bank reconciliations, invoice categorization, risk assessment, and audit processes. As a result, you have more time to pursue higher-level responsibilities that add additional value to your employer. Here are some tips for staying better at your accounting job than AI.

How To “Beat” The Machines


1. Provide More Business Solutions

Provide more valuable contributions to your employer than AI can. Although AI can complete accounting tasks more efficiently and accurately than humans, accountants are needed to manage AI technology. In fact, because AI should create more jobs than it replaces, you’ll have even more work options than before. For instance, you can analyze and interpret AI data to provide sound business solutions for your employer. Since AI offers real-time data, you can use the information to provide real-time solutions with increased accuracy and reduced liability risk. Because machine learning instantly analyzes a large amount of data, you can use the results to evaluate past successes and failures to predict future outcomes.  


2. Learn the Latest Technology

Maximizing the use of current AI technology will maintain your competitive edge in the workforce. The better equipped you are to help your employer integrate and use AI technology in their accounting processes, the more valuable you’ll be. Because many universities incorporate IT and database management courses into their accounting program, you can take classes to build your skills. You also can attend seminars and participate in online learning programs to stay current on accounting trends, emerging AI technology, and accounting industry news. Incorporating these skills will help you more effectively serve your employer in areas such as tax consulting, real estate deals, mergers, and growth options.  


3. Expand Client Services

Increase the variety of services you offer clients. Because tax preparation and auditing services are becoming automated, leverage your client relationships to extend services involving strategy, business transformation, IT consulting, data analytics or cybersecurity. Position yourself as a knowledgeable business consultant who provides advisory and planning services that help companies thrive. Your human capabilities such as judgment, insight, skepticism, courage and integrity cannot be replaced by AI. Cultivate these skills to continue adding value for your employer. 


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