When writing your CPA resume, be sure you customize it or your cover letter for each role you want. Because each employer’s qualifications and needs are unique, you want to show how your knowledge, skills and experience are exactly what they’re looking for. Focusing on how you can add value to a company increases your odds of being called in for an interview. Here are four tips to write the right resume for the job.

How To Write A Good Resume For A Specific Job

1. Narrow Down Your Resume Types

Determine which type of resume is right for you. The two most common are chronological and functional. A chronological resume is organized by the roles you held in order of time. You start with your most recent position and work your way backward. This type of resume is best early to mid-level of your career and/minimal gaps in employment. A functional resume is organized by skills you gained from previous employment. This type of resume can be effective if you are at an executive level,  have significant gaps in employment or are changing careers. Keep in mind that an employer may request a specific format different from these two.

2. Add the Right Details

Begin your resume with your Contact Information. Include your name, designation, address, cell phone number, email address and LinkedIn URL. Follow with your Professional/Career Summary. Use three or four short sentences to outline how your skills, knowledge, experience and personality make you stand out from the competition. Provide insight into your strengths, such as “able to continually identify cost savings and efficiencies.” Highlight key achievements, including a specific problem encountered, actions taken and results accomplished. Quantify your results in a percentage or dollar value. Then, list your Work Experience. Include the name of each employer, dates worked and primary responsibilities. If applicable mention specific examples of how you increased revenue and/or decreased costs for each. Finally, under Education/Professional Development, share your professional designations, technical skills, volunteer experience and community involvement.

 3. Choose Strategic Keywords

Include keywords throughout your resume. Describe your skills and qualifications to let employers know the value you have to offer. Because hiring managers typically spend 30 seconds or less looking at your resume, focus on the highlights of your career and save the details for the interview. Include only information relevant to the role. Find examples of keywords in the job posting or on the company website.

4. Proofread – Proofread – Proofread !!!

Thoroughly look over your resume several times. Ensure the company name, job title, date and your contact information are accurate. Look for spelling, punctuation, grammatical and formatting errors. Print your resume and look over it again. Ask family or friends to do the same. Correct any issues before you submit your resume.

Resume Preparation Assistance

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