Whether you are new to the accounting industry or an experienced professional, you have the autonomy to create your career path. Based on your knowledge, skills, experience and interests, you have a variety of options for furthering your professional path. Be sure you consider your work style and company culture when seeing who is hiring and choosing your own accounting adventure.

Work Styles

There are four primary work styles: pioneers, guardians, drivers and integrators. Pioneers value possibilities. They take risks and spark energy and imagination among teammates. Pioneers are big-picture thinkers who take advantage of or create opportunities. They tend to make quick, spontaneous decisions without thinking about details. Guardians prefer stability, order and rigor. They are pragmatic, detail-oriented and risk-averse. Guardians think about everything, are slow to take on new things, and look before they leap. Drivers thrive on challenge, results and winning. They are goal-oriented, logically tackle problems head on, and feel more connected when involved in a debate. Integrators prefer connection and consensus. They are diplomatic, draw together teams, and are empathetic. Integrators understand the context of moving pieces and act as the glue that holds them together. By identifying which style(s) best fit you, you can determine which types of accounting jobs you will excel in.

 Company Culture

When deciding which company to work for, evaluate the type of culture that fits your personality. Start by focusing on the company’s mission. Look for an organization whose purpose inspires and motivates you. It should provide excitement for going to work and seeing what the day brings. The mission should make you feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself. Perhaps it seeks to transform people’s everyday lives in a fundamental way and make the world a better place. Then, consider how the company’s founder(s) fulfills that mission. They set the vision and purpose for the business and act as the face, voice and soul of the organization. A founder’s motivation should come from accomplishing the company’s mission more than making money. Perhaps the business resulted from a problem that needed resolution. Determine whether the founding story is authentic, compelling and clearly tied to the company’s purpose. Look for whether the founder(s) takes calculated risks and what results they receive. Determine whether you fit with such a culture and will be able to thrive in a role.

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