Starting or developing your accounting career in Canada takes certain planning. Part of that planning includes earning certifications and continuing professional development credits. Enhancing your knowledge and skills while continuously learning about the industry show you are dedicated to staying current and providing your best service. Here are two accounting certifications you may want to earn and details on how continuing professional development plays a role in your career.

Bookkeeper or Accounting Technician Certifications

Colleges and business schools offer certificate and diploma programs in business and accounting.. Courses include record-keeping and using accounting software. Further to that, the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (CFB) offers the Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) designation after two years of professional bookkeeping experience and completion of an exam.

 Working as a Bookkeeper or Accounting Technician

A bookkeeper generally is responsible for business record keeping. Recording daily financial transactions such as sales, purchases, and expenses is typical. Assisting with bill payments, invoices, payroll, and basic financial reports may be involved.

 Chartered Professional Accountant Designation

The Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) is the highest accounting designation in Canada. Granted by CPA Canada, the designation is internationally recognized as an accounting and business credential that protects and serves the public interest. The CPA program meets or exceeds the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) standards for education, assessment, and practical experiences, along with the requirements of leading global accounting bodies. The CPA certification shows you have a strong foundation of knowledge and skills needed to work in public practice, industry, or government. You may study accounting and another area of specialty such as strategy, auditing, or tax to work as an auditor or taxation specialist or to provide general accounting services and consulting to businesses.

 Working as an Accountant

An accountant focuses on a company’s big picture by helping with business planning. They examine the numbers recorded by the bookkeeper, summarize the information, and prepare tax returns, financial statements, and annual reports. An accountant provides business advice in line with the company’s financial state. They handle tax authorities if tax-related issues come up.

 Continuing Professional Development

In the accounting industry, continuing professional development (CPD) is a vital part of career development. Because there always are changes to laws, regulations, news and trends, you need to stay current to provide the best possible service. CPA Canada provides members resources for professional development through conferences, courses and webinars that focus on tax, accounting, business and finance, strategic planning and management. Accounting professionals working in not-for-profit organizations and other sectors can choose from CPD courses tailored to their needs. CPA Canada also has a career centre and Women’s Leadership Council. Plus, the organization provides specialty post-CPA credentials in areas such as forensic accounting and information technology.

Advance in Your Accounting Career in Western Canada

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