As an accounting professional, the industry outlook for 2019 is in your favor. With a shortage in both skills and accounting candidates, your skills are in demand! You also face increased opportunities to move your accounting career forward.

What does the Accounting Profession Look Like For 2019?

Skills Shortages (You’re in Demand!)

Most employers in accounting are experiencing a moderate-to-extreme shortage in skills. Substantial numbers of baby boomers are retiring, taking their knowledge, skills, and years of experience with them. Reinforcement of the accounting system over the past few years, combined with a decreasing number of new members in professional accounting associations, has caused more jobs to open up than there are accountants. With business expansion and job creation on the rise, hiring permanent accounting staff is increasingly important. Employers may be open to covering costs for on-the-job training or outside courses designed to fill the skills gap.

Talent Retention (Companies Want To Keep Top Talent!)

Because many accountants are leaving companies that do not meet their expectations, employers are increasingly focused on talent retention. Because they are facing challenges with increasing salaries for current staff, employers are demonstrating career progression to encourage accountants to remain with their company. Increasing benefits packages, including an extended number of vacation days, and professional development opportunities are also great methods for retention. Perks such as flextime and remote work options are attractive as well.

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