Created to promote gender equality at home and in the workplace, the Government of Canada launched its new parental sharing benefit on March 17, 2019. Fathers of a newborn or newly adopted child are offered an additional five weeks of Employment Insurance (EI) parental benefits when both parents, including same-sex parents, agree to share parental benefits. Because women make up the majority of parental claims and take longer leaves from the workplace, the goal of the EI parental sharing measure is to incentivize employees to take leave when welcoming a new child and more equally share the work of raising them. During the employees’ absence, opportunities may open up for temporary workers to fill in.

What Changed?

Details of Canada’s New Parental Sharing Benefit

Canada’s new parental sharing benefit is designed to support families in deciding when to return to work from parental leave. Qualification is based on the child’s birthdate or adoption date and each parent taking at least five weeks of parental leave. Parents selecting the standard duration of EI parental benefits receive up to 40 weeks of benefits. Parents opting for extended parental leave receive up to 69 weeks.

Enhancement of Canada’s Workforce

Canada’s new parental sharing benefit enhances the workforce. For instance, both parents can take advantage of paid time off to bond with their child and start their new life as a family. If desired, the mother can return to work sooner while the father stays home with their child, eliminating the need for daycare. Parents feel grateful for having more options available as they embark on a new journey together. They know they can talk with their employers to figure out when the best time may be to return to work.

 What Does It Mean For Businesses?

Fill Temporary Vacancies

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What does it mean for Professionals?

Taking Advantage of Temporary Employment Opportunities

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