An interview is designed to show your value to an employer and provide reasons why they should hire you. By thoroughly preparing for your presentation, you increase your chances of being offered a role. Here are five ways to prove your value during an interview.

Prove Your Value During an Interview with These Tips:

1. Share Your Company Knowledge

Discuss what you learned about the company through your research and how it impacts you. For instance, give examples of how the organization’s core values align with your own. Perhaps volunteerism is emphasized, and you volunteer with a local not-for-profit every month. Also, find out all you can about your interviewer through LinkedIn, Google, company connections, and other sources. Be ready to discuss the interviewer’s professional and personal interests, especially if you have some in common. You may be able to break the ice by sharing how you both worked for the same employer or have a passion for photography.

2. Mention Your Success Stories

Share your career success stories. For instance, provide specific, relevant examples of how you saved your previous employer time or money and how your expertise can benefit your next employer. Also, quantify your success with numbers. For example, “I reduced internet expenses by 25% by having the contract renegotiated” or “I increased revenue by 30% by bringing in 10 new clients.” Additionally, show how your past experiences can help solve problems that the business is currently facing. For example, “The quarterly report showed that profits were down in specific areas. I have some ideas that may turn them around for next quarter.”

 3. Demonstrate Your Industry Knowledge

Emphasize the methods you use to keep your knowledge current. Perhaps you listen to weekly podcasts, actively participate in a professional organization, or attend conferences. Maybe you read weekly blogs, regularly participate in networking events, or contribute to discussions on LinkedIn Groups, Quora, and other professional sites.

 4. Emphasize Your Unique Selling Proposition

Focus on what makes you stand out from the competition. For example, think about what endorsements your connections have given you. Their praise is for what they notice most about you because those qualities may not be apparent in others. Perhaps it is your extreme attention to detail, the way you clearly explain complex financial topics to non-finance people, or the patience you exhibit while answering questions.

5. Ask Questions

Ask questions about both the company and position. For instance, what is your vision for the role and its responsibilities? How do you define success in this position? How would you describe company culture? Listen to the interviewer’s answers and ask follow-up questions to gain additional information. Show that you are interested and engaged in the discussion.

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