Because the accounting industry continues to see low unemployment rates, employers are facing even greater challenges in hiring and retaining accountants. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to deal with the tightening accounting talent pool.

Step #1: Increase Your Online Presence

Be accessible online. Share your brand on social media to appeal to and engage with job seekers. Target your messages to the candidates you want to bring aboard. Provide information on employee benefits, perks and other attractive elements of your company. Ensure your website is optimized for mobile devices so candidates can easily respond to job postings and engage with your company. Make applications short and jobs easily applied to by having a candidate upload a LinkedIn profile or resume.

Step #2: Request Employee Referrals

Ask that employees refer accounting candidates. Because individuals tend to associate with others who have similar interests, referrals most likely will fit in with company culture. Referrals typically know more than other candidates about the company because they talk in-depth with an employee and get to know the inner workings of the organization. Referrals tend to remain loyal to an employer longer when they already know someone who works for the company.

Step #3: Adjust Hiring Requirements

Be more flexible with your hiring requirements. Make faster decisions in the recruiting process to avoid losing top candidates to a competitor. Focus on accounting graduates with a two- or four-year degree. Hire for both culture fit and necessary skills, then train for other skills. Limit the number of hours accountants are expected to work each week.

Step #4: Provide Internships

Extend internships to university students majoring in accounting. Providing students with the skills and experience they need to work as accountants will encourage them to work for you full-time after graduation. You will gain insight into a student’s adaptability, leadership skills, work ethic and more before deciding whether to permanently hire them.

Step #5: Offer Greater Compensation

Provide greater salaries, benefits and perks. Offer potential employees salaries above market rates and/or signing bonuses. Extend additional paid time off and/or a retirement plan with company match. Offer a flexible schedule and/or the ability to work remotely.

Step #6: Prioritize Retention

Make employee retention a top priority. Map out a career plan so employees are encouraged to stay with your organization. Invest in professional development so employees gain new skills and experience to further their career growth. Create a mentoring program so that less-experienced employees can learn from seasoned ones. Offer paid time off for volunteering with a nonprofit organization.

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One Response to “How Are You Dealing with the Tightening Accounting Talent Pool?”

  1. Ammar Arif

    I would like to add
    a) Offering Better compensation doesn’t only mean offer more money it also means offer flexible schedules,Extended benefits.
    b)Be willing to train new people especially Fresh graduates. I have seen 30000$ jobs requiring experience and certifications for data entry receivables/parables job. Such jobs have extremely high turnover as no one wants these jobs .


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