Accounting jobs in Canada are among the hardest positions to fill. As countries become even more connected and the economy more complex, accountant roles require increased demands and expectations that aren’t easily met. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to find qualified candidates to fill your company’s needs. Here are three ways to hire candidates for accounting jobs that are hard to fill.

Step #1: Update Job Postings

Ensure your job postings are updated. For example, ensure all qualifications and specifications are reasonable and realistic. Also, use attractive language that focuses on the rewards of working for your company, such as benefits, perks, projects to work on and advancement opportunities. In addition, show how your company differs from your competitors. Furthermore, include links to your social media accounts and Glassdoor profile so candidates can gain additional insight into working for your organization.

Step #2: Use Social Media

Continue building your social media network. Ensure you monitor which networks bring you the best results so you can invest more time on them. For example, post your job openings on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites. Also, develop videos and blog posts for YouTube that provide a glimpse into what it’s like working for your company and why your employees love your organization. In addition, publish unique content that engages candidates and positions you as an employer of choice. For example, you may offer a Recruiting Happy Hour, company meetup or other activity to talk with candidates in person. Furthermore, encourage your employees to share your job openings and tag qualified candidates.

Step #3: Network  

Always be building your network. For example, ask current and former employees for referrals. Because people typically associate with others who share similar interests and characteristics, and your employees will know which skills you’re hiring for, referrals have a greater chance of blending with company culture, excelling in the role and remaining loyal to your organization longer. Also, former employees may decide to come back because they enjoyed the culture and possess the skills you’re looking for. Consider participating in job fairs on college & university campuses and network with your local CPA chapter to attract more candidates. Get in Touch with Mercer Bradley

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