Keeping potential hires engaged with your company plays a significant role in whether they decide to work for you. Candidates who do not hear back from your company in a reasonable time typically move on to other opportunities. As a result, you need to keep potential hires engaged throughout the entire recruiting process to increase your odds of hiring your candidate of choice.

3 Tips For Recruiting Top Accounting Talent

1. Simplify Your Application Process

Make your application process as simple as possible. Because top candidates can be choosy about where they work, they do not want to spend an unreasonable amount of time applying for a position. For instance, make job openings easy to search for and access on your company website. Also, ensure that the application process does not require too many clicks or ask for the same information multiple times. Additionally, because candidates think about the entire application experience when evaluating your company, you want everything to be as efficient and effective as possible. Further, include in your application process avatars and other gamification, videos and other multimedia, and chatbots to further engage candidates.

2. Continually Communicate  

Communicate with candidates throughout the entire recruiting process. Those who do not hear back from you are more likely to post negative reviews about their experience and deter others from applying. For instance, send a thank-you email within 48 hours of receiving an application. Let the candidate know you are reviewing their information and when they should hear back from you if they are selected for an interview. Also, proofread each email before sending it. Ensure the subject line and body are free of spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors, which can reduce your credibility. Additionally, consider using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to organize, store, and respond to candidates either now or in the future.

3. Be Realistic About the Role

Be honest about the role requirements. Candidates need as much information as possible to decide whether to take the time to go through your hiring process. For instance, mention the salary range and benefits package upfront so that candidates know whether they fit their needs. Also, share whether the position requires travel and what the average amount is. Additionally, discuss whether remote work, company reimbursement for specific expenses, or other perks are possible.

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