Forming an alliance with a recruiter can be influential in your career. They can provide you with opportunities you did not know about, give key insight into the job market and/or a specific role, offer imperative resume and job search advice, and negotiate a higher compensation package. To effectively build a relationship with a recruiter, you need to focus on good communication and other skills.

 5 Reasons Your Recruiter Could Be A Major Part of Your Career

1. Regularly Communicate

Effectively communicate with your recruiter before, during, and after your job search. For instance, let them know what your career goals are so the recruiter can better match your skills and experience to a position. Also, be patient with the recruiter as they do their job, since they may not have any clients looking for a candidate with your background and interests at the moment. Additionally, ask the recruiter to keep you informed about all client contact so you know where you are in the hiring process. Further, remain respectful of everyone involved, including hiring managers, whether you are offered a job or not.

2.  Ask Questions

Ask the recruiter questions about anything you do not understand. For instance, find out what the proper procedure is to follow up with a hiring manager. Also, determine whether the recruiter wants to follow up with you daily, weekly, or monthly. Additionally, ask how your cover letter and resume should be customized before being submitted to a manager. Further, request articles and other training information that can give you a competitive edge in your job search.

3. Give and Receive Feedback

Give the recruiter feedback on your job search. For instance, role play the interview process with the recruiter to practice answering questions and enhance your performance. Also, share how an interview went and whether you had any concerns. The recruiter may be able to talk with the hiring manager for more insight into your performance or how you could improve.

4. Provide Referrals

Send the recruiter qualified referrals. If you are not the right fit for a position, suggest someone who may be. Most recruiters provide generous referral fees!

5. Keep in Touch

Whether the recruiter finds you a job or not, keep in touch. For instance, if you find a job on your own, periodically call or email to let the recruiter know how your job is going and when you may be looking for another one. Also, share the skills and experience you gained and how they will benefit the new role you are looking for. The recruiter may have a client who is looking for what you have to offer.

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