How your office is set up affects your productivity. Harsh lighting, bare walls, a cluttered desk, and other issues cause increased stress and lower energy level. To combat these issues, incorporate music and other ambiance to improve your work area and maximize productivity.

5 Fun Ways To Improve Your Professional Productivity

1. Music (Check out our New Spotify Playlist  )

Specific types of music can make you more productive. For instance, classical music such as Bach, Vivaldi, or Handel may increase mood and concentration on work. Also, nature music with soothing sounds like flowing water, rainfall, or rustling leaves can enhance cognitive function and concentration. Instruments such as piano or flute are beneficial as well. Additionally, epic music like that of action and adventure movies empowers, inspires, and lifts moods to increase motivation. Further, ambient soundtracks alleviate stress. Plus, other types of music such as meditation music, blues, or jazz may be helpful.

 2. Lighting

Varying degrees of lighting may increase productivity. Lighting is important for both visual accuracy and ambiance. Just as dim lighting can cause eye strain and headaches that result in drowsiness and fatigue, harsh lighting can cause eye strain and trigger migraines. Poor lighting conditions also cause cortisol levels to significantly drop, which reduces energy and increases stress. Because natural light is best, work near windows if possible. Natural lighting affects how well you see, boosts mood and energy, and balances hormones. It also reduces absenteeism due to fewer illnesses and fatigue. Also, add lamps and dimmer switches to provide indirect lighting and reduce glare on computer screens.

3. Art

Hang art around your office. Art lets you express your personality while creating authenticity and openness. It also provides a positive distraction that boosts productivity, lowers stress, and increases wellbeing. For instance, beach pictures will encourage relaxation as you wait for your next vacation. Also, nature photos will help you feel inspired.

4. Decluttering

Declutter your workspace. Because the capacity of the visual system to process information about multiple objects at one time is very limited, removing clutter takes away objects competing with work for your attention. You also will be able to find what you need when you need it, reducing your stress level and increasing your creativity. Begin by taking away 10 items in 10 minutes. Put the items into boxes labeled “storage,” “donation” or “toss.” Focus on getting rid of the items rather than keeping them. Decide which items bring you joy, make your life easier, and need to be near you. Keep those close and move the rest.

5. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy aids in productivity. Because people typically associate specific smells with certain feelings and experiences, those smells affect our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. For instance, scenting a workspace with lemon, jasmine, or lavender has been shown to substantially decrease typing errors. Also, lavender and rosemary decrease cortisol and increase relaxation. Additionally, lemon tones down our fight-or-flight reflex.

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