Engaging and creative work environments lead to increased productivity and employee loyalty. Innovative businesses that focus on flexible and fun atmospheres bring out the best in their staff. Such companies are among the most inspiring places to work. Here are some examples of innovative office design and companies that showcase them.  Enjoy these pics of our new Winnipeg office.

Effective Use of Space

No matter the size of your office, maximize the use of space. For instance, make sure there is access to natural light, collaboration areas, and private meeting rooms. Also, provide rooms with movable walls and areas that can serve as meeting rooms or lounges. Instead of feeling confined to their desks, employees will be able to move around and release their creativity. For instance, the reception area of Red Bull’s London offices is designed to turn into a bar after hours so that coworkers can unwind.


Working in beautiful, interesting places improves productivity. Rather than being stuck with dim lighting, isolating cubicles, and drab offices, employees will take in the vibrant ambiance of the workspace and lift their overall mood. They will enjoy coming to work and giving their all rather than counting down the minutes until they get to leave. For example, QVC’s oasis in the center of west London emphasizes the beauty around its building in Chiswick Park. The feature lake and waterfall make the office attractive and relaxing to work in or visit.


Top places to work focus on collaboration. They strive for changing things up and finding better ways to approach needs. When employees work in such an environment, they adopt a similar attitude. Employees share more ideas with different departments to solve problems and work together rather than in silos. For instance, Husky Energy supports a diverse, respectful workplace where differences of thought and perspective are encouraged and expertise and talents are used to create an innovative, productive work environment. Also, Google employees who come up with a truly unique and impactful Google service or technology become eligible for a founder’s award of up to seven figures.


Inspiring workplaces implement movement throughout the workday. For example, because physical activity improves posture, provides energy, and promotes collaboration, employees should take a walk, talk with a coworker, or have other types of positive interaction throughout the day. Also, workstations should convert to standing desks so that employees are not sitting all day. For example, Desjardins reimburses physical activity fees and provides annual initiatives that support healthy lifestyle habits. Also, WestJet Airlines offers a lunchtime street hockey league as well as softball and golf tournaments.

Find an Inspiring Workplace Through Mercer Bradley

Find an inspiring workplace through Mercer Bradley, an accounting and finance leader in Western Canada!

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