The Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services (ACSESS) is the national voice of the recruiting, employment and staffing services industry. The Association was created in 1998 when The Association of Professional Placement Agencies & Consultants (APPAC) merged with the Employment and Staffing Services Association of Canada (ESSAC). ACSESS promotes best practices and ethical standards for the staffing industry through professional development, research, resources, advocacy and government relations. Mercer Bradley is proud to be a member of ACSESS.

1) ACSESS Code of Ethics & Standards

Mercer Bradley and other members of ACSESS pledge to uphold the Association’s Code of Ethics & Standards. Members commit to empowering clients to respond to business realities and changing technologies and to offer all levels of workers an increasing variety of employment opportunities. Members agree to observe the highest principles of integrity, professionalism and fair practice in dealing with clients, candidates, employees and all regulatory authorities; and to respect the confidentiality of records in accordance with law and good business practices. Members comply with all laws and regulations and treat candidates and employees without prejudice or discrimination. They transparently present accurate information to client companies about candidates’ employment qualifications and experience and to candidates about terms of employment, job descriptions and workplace conditions. Members acknowledge that compliance with those principles is in the best interest of ACSESS member companies; their candidates, employees, and client organizations; and the reputation of the search, employment and staffing services profession in Canada.

2) What ASCESS Membership Means for Candidates and Companies

Because Mercer Bradley is a member of ASCESS, our candidates and client companies expect adherence to the highest standards of quality and service. We implement best industry practices, abide by the Code of Ethics & Standards and comply with all laws. We treat everyone respectfully and without discrimination. At Mercer Bradley, we always do what is in the best interest of the candidate, client company and our business.

3) How ACSESS Benefits Members

ACSESS provides diverse benefits to Canadian recruiting and staffing agencies. The Association identifies, monitors and communicates industry standards and ethical business practices; positively influences and protects the regulatory and business environment impacting members and the individuals they serve; and promotes the industry’s ability to deliver value and visibility to the business community, government and public. ACSESS keeps members informed about legislation and regulatory changes that may affect their businesses and responsibilities as employers; supports professional development by administering the Certified Personnel Consultant Certification Program (CPC); and hosts educational events throughout Canada such as training, seminars, district programs and an annual conference.

Experience Working with an ASCESS Member

To experience what it is like working with an ACSESS member that is an accounting and finance staffing leader in Western Canada, reach out to Mercer Bradley!

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