As an accountant, you have a wide variety of fields you can work in. Each offers its own challenges and rewards to fill your personal and professional interests.

Here are two examples of top accounting jobs to gain experience in.

Cost Accountant

As a cost accountant, you create budgets to manage costs and maximize profits for a company. You may work for an accounting or consulting firm or for a manufacturing or retail business. Your title may be staff cost accountant, junior accountant, accounting assistant or accounting clerk. You also complete performance evaluations and asset management for the business. In addition, you may collaborate with the rest of the executive team to create a financial plan according to the organization’s goals. Furthermore, you may prepare financial reports for stockholders, creditors, tax authorities and regulatory agencies.

Working as a cost accountant typically requires a diploma in accounting or a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance. You may need to also earn the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) designation to move beyond an entry-level management accountant position.

You can advance from a cost accountant position to many other roles within a company as you will understand how the company makes money. These include accounting manager, budget director, chief cost accountant or internal auditing manager. You can further advance to chief financial officer, company controller, treasurer or company president.

Financial Accountant

As a financial accountant, you oversee proper maintenance and reporting of a company’s financial statements. For example, you may plan, set up and administer accounting systems and create financial information. Also, you may examine accounting records and create financial statements and reports. In addition, you may develop and maintain cost finding, reporting and internal control procedures. Furthermore, you may examine financial accounts and records and create income tax returns.

Working as a financial accountant requires a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance. You may also want to earn a CPA designation to increase your career advancement.

Working as a financial accountant means you may be employed in industry, public accounting, education, government or the nonprofit sector. Also, you may work as an audit accountant, financial accountant, controller, auditor or tax accountant.

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