Onboarding is a sustainable way to keep your new hires engaged and productive. While onboarding, it’s important you introduce your new hires to colleagues, share your expectations, help your new hires assimilate into company culture, and begin training them on their responsibilities.

Here are six reasons why getting onboarding right the first time is so important.

 Reason #1: Knowing What to Expect

Effective onboarding means employees know what to expect when they begin employment. For example, because new hires may start work a month after their hire date, it’s important your new hires are connected to you and their coworkers before they start. This can include a check in email, team lunch or another touch point. In addition, it can be useful for your new hires to receive an email containing payroll forms, insurance documents, tax forms and other information to be completed before starting work.

 Reason #2: Acclimating to the Company

Proper onboarding helps new hires better acclimate to your company. For example, when you incorporate training with onboarding, your new hires learn valuable job skills while your organization has work completed. Also, if your company has a mentorship program, your new hires receive reinforcement for their learning while cultivating relationships with coworkers and receiving valuable feedback on their work performance.

Reason #3: Understanding a Role

By the end of the first 90 days, proper onboarding should provide new hires with a clear understanding of what the company stands for, their role within the organization, and what their long-term projects and goals are. When these aspects are clearly defined, new hires are more likely to remain with your company longer.

Reason #4: Building Rapport

The first 90 days of employment is a crucial time for your new hires to build rapport with coworkers and management. When new hires feel strong support from their coworkers and leaders, your new hires typically have a more positive attitude about their job and work harder.

 Reason #5: Feeling Appreciated

Throughout the onboarding process, showing appreciation for your new hires positively impacts their decision to remain with your organization. Therefore, it’s important you express gratitude for deciding to work for you, regularly check in to see how your new hires are doing, and show that their contributions matter. Your new hires will feel that you see and hear them and hold them accountable for their actions. As a result, your new hires will go out of their way to provide value to your company.

Reason #6: Increasing Retention

When your new hires participate in a structured onboarding program, they are more likely to remain loyal to your company after three years. Therefore, it’s important you find new ways to keep them engaged in their work, such as through cross-training or promoting to new positions.

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