Finding the seasoned professional who’s most qualified for an open role is vital to your company’s success. Having a lengthy and varied amount of relevant experience means the candidate can hit the ground running more quickly than a less-experienced worker.

Here are five reasons why finding a candidate with the experience you need is vital to your company.

1) Fulfill Required Responsibilities

Hiring an experienced professional means fulfilling responsibilities that ensure your company operates smoothly. A seasoned professional typically has multiple levels of experience in their field and can add additional value to your organization in ways beyond what they’re hired for. Also, a seasoned professional typically feels confident sharing ideas with upper management to more efficiently run the company.

2) Access Greater Skill Sets

Recruiting a seasoned professional provides your company with increased access to skill sets. Because an experienced professional may have worked in various industries, the professional typically has the hard and soft skills needed to adapt to new environments, work with a variety of people, and use their experience to creatively solve problems.

3) Communicate Effectively

Bringing aboard an experienced professional results in strong communication among your employees. Because of the professional’s experience, they’re better able to work individually or collaboratively and determine how and when to suggest ideas to their boss. Also, a seasoned professional attentively listens to what’s being said so they’re better able to understand the situation, ask questions and provide input. As a result, the professional is able to effectively analyze situations, produce ideas and solve problems to help your company move forward.

4) Provide Stability

Hiring a seasoned professional helps provide stability for your company. Because their achievements are typically well-documented, an experienced professional is more easily placed in a position in which they excel. As a result, you know tasks are being completed in the most efficient and effective manner. Also, because a seasoned professional is typically focused on career stability, your company maintains a more productive work environment, reduces turnover and saves time and money on recruiting and training new employees.

5) Set a Positive Example

Hiring an experienced professional sets a positive example for other employees. A professional is typically punctual, works to the best of their ability and stays late when needed. A seasoned professional is also typically honest and takes pride in their work. In addition, an experienced professional is often better able to manage their stress level. Furthermore, a seasoned professional may share their knowledge and accomplishments with less-experienced workers to further their on-the-job training and career development.

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These are five reasons why finding a candidate with the experience you need is vital to your company. For assistance with securing top accounting staff in Western Canada, get in touch with Mercer Bradley!

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