Mercer Bradley provides accounting placements for employers in Western Canada. We focus on your company’s needs to find candidates who match your short- and long-term requirements. We also provide the most ethical, honest, and transparent services. Here are seven steps we take to make a successful accounting placement.

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1) Sourcing

Mercer Bradley matches candidates to each of your job requirements. In addition to accessing our database, we search LinkedIn to find the most qualified talent. We also look through job boards and career sites to add new candidates to our database. In addition, we reach out to our vast network and connect with both active and passive job candidates. If those candidates aren’t interested in changing positions, we ask them to refer colleagues who may be interested in a new opportunity.

 2) Interviewing

Mercer Bradley interviews candidates to identify the best matches for your positions. We conduct phone interviews to assess candidates’ communication skills, attitude, professionalism, and expectations in taking on a new role. We then conduct in-person interviews to further assess candidates’ skills, abilities and interests and narrow down our candidate selections. Qualified candidates also receive pre-employment testing to predict how well they may perform in a specific position.

3) Coordinating Company and Candidate Interviews

Mercer Bradley sets up interviews between you and the candidates of your choice. Because you’re meeting with the best of the best, you save time on interviewing and hiring top talent.

4) Check Backgrounds and References

Mercer Bradley conducts background and reference checks for all employees. We use search engines to examine social media accounts and other publicly available information about a candidate you want to hire. We also verify candidates’ education to ensure they completed certification or degree requirements as stated. In addition, we verify work history to ensure candidates possess the skills and experience listed on their resume. Furthermore, we conduct criminal background checks to ensure candidates haven’t been convicted of crimes that may increase the potential for fraudulent activity.

5) Negotiate Job Offers

Mercer Bradley negotiates job offers as well. Because we get to know our candidates well, we understand what drives them to accept an offer. Therefore, we’re in a stronger position to negotiate job offers and ensure candidates are satisfied before successfully closing on the hiring process.

6) Coordinate Onboarding

Mercer Bradley coordinates onboarding your new workers. Successful placements require orientation on company culture, role responsibilities, company resources, systems, and other aspects of your organization. The sooner placements are trained, the sooner they’ll start producing results.

7) Follow Up

Mercer Bradley regularly follows up to ensure our placements and you are pleased with your results. We use phone calls and emails to address your questions or concerns, ensure your business goals are being met, and see how we may be of further assistance to your organization. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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