If you’re unemployed and searching for a job, you should be also participating in activities that promote professional growth. You’ll be investing your time in a meaningful manner and be able to produce work-related results during your job search. Here are three things you should be doing if you need a job now.

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1) Networking

Networking often leads to securing a job. You may decide to scour LinkedIn or Meetup to find professional events taking place in your area that can put you in touch with other professionals in your field. You might make a list of friends, family, classmates, colleagues and acquaintances to invite out for coffee. During your conversation, you can ask who they know that you should reach out to for help with your job search. Ensure you focus the discussion on the other person first. When they ask what you do for a living, mention you’re no longer with your last company and are searching for new opportunities. If the individual seems open to helping you, ask whether they know of any openings or have any advice.

2) Volunteering

Volunteering helps you build your network and add to your skill set while benefitting the community. Find a cause that aligns with your personal interests so you remain engaged and learning while helping others. For example, you may volunteer at school to show you can patiently multitask while working in a busy environment. You might volunteer at a food bank to demonstrate your ability to organize multiple activities at once and ensure they’re completed on time. You could volunteer at a hospital or nursing home to show you’re flexible with work requirements and enjoy taking on challenges. Because you’re already demonstrating the necessary skills and fit in well with the organization, you’re more likely to be hired on if an opportunity comes up.

3) Working with a Staffing Agency

Working with a staffing agency helps you sharpen your skills and earn income while searching for a permanent job. Find an agency that specializes in your industry and send your resume with a targeted cover letter stating what type of position you seek. When the agency interviews you, share information about your skill set, work style, and what type of role and company you’re searching for. The agency should be able to place you with a client company that matches your abilities and interests. You may be able to work at multiple companies for certain time periods to continue enhancing your skills and experience. You may even be offered a full-time job after a trial period. Either way, you won’t be obligated to stay with a role or organization you don’t feel is a good fit.


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