Lead generation can be challenging for accountants. There are many options available, and you may not know where to start. However, the more business you bring in for your firm, the greater an asset you become, and the more rewards you may earn.

Follow these tips for increasing your lead generation and bringing in more business for your accounting firm.

1.Publish Unique Content

Publish unique content on your website and other online media that’s aimed at filling the needs of your target audience. For example, you may take a complicated topic and break it down into understandable terms. This will engage your audience’s interest, provide them value, and portray you and your firm as experts in the accounting industry.

 2.Use Social Media

Having a strong social media presence provides you access to virtually every individual and business. Because a majority of individuals use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to research companies before deciding whether to do business with them, it’s important you and your accounting firm clearly state your skills and services on your social media profiles and consistently post new information on your accounts. Also, be sure you promptly respond to comments and questions and follow up with visitors to increase your conversion rates. You’ll increase the visibility of yourself and your firm, improve the reach of your content marketing, and help build credibility and trust with current and potential clients.

 3.Invest in Search Engine Optimization

When investing in search engine optimization (SEO), you combine targeted keywords or phrases on your website and other online content that’s relevant to what searchers are looking for. This helps you rank higher in search engines, gain more traffic on your website, increase client conversions, and build up your company as an authority in your field. When combining SEO with your strong social media presence, including all of your social shares, you get the word out about your services to a wider audience than you could reach on your own.


Networking can be done anywhere. For example, you may participate in a local chamber of commerce meetings to meet area business owners and secure more referrals. You might find local accounting groups online and attend their meetings. You could search local newspapers and business journals for upcoming events you may attend. Perhaps you’ll host a free financial workshop at a conference in your target market’s industry, where you’ll attract a large audience with typically no competition.

Are you looking for a new job in the accounting field?

When you combine these tips for increasing lead generation, you increase your value to your employer and should be rewarded accordingly. If you’re looking to secure a new accounting position, contact us today!

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