Visual branding uses stories to convey your company’s values and tells your audience how they should feel about your business. Therefore, visual branding influences how your audience perceives your organization. Find out why this is important, especially when finding new hires, and how you can control your branding images for your desired impact.

1.Focus on Your Audience

Determine who your audience is so you know what to say to them. Target people who may be most interested in your company according to their age, gender, location, income, marital status, education, and/or occupation level. Understand why your audience follows you and how your products and/or services add value to their lives. Use this information to present your brand in a friendly manner showing how you fill customers’ needs. Targeting the right audience means you’ll likely hire workers who blend with company culture, produce quality work, and remain loyal to your organization longer.

2.Choose a Voice

Use pictures to convey the voice of your brand. Choose images that are upbeat, playful, humorous, serious, or another tone that matches your company’s personality. You’ll end up hiring candidates with similar personalities who are more successful in their roles.

3.Show Emotion

Choose images that reflect emotion relevant to your brand. Use those images to tell a story that will affect your customers in the intended way. Because emotions attract people to things, you’ll be attracting workers to come join your team.

4.Keep It Simple

Keep your branding images simple. People should be able to look at your pictures and easily understand what products or services you offer. Also, having too many things going on at once may confuse your audience and turn off people who may want to work for you.

5.Remain Consistent

Remain consistent with your branding images. Apply the same filter, size, and font type on all your visual platforms. You’ll create a familiar, cohesive look so customers following you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and elsewhere recognize your company and receive the same story. Familiarity helps entice people to want to work for you.

6.Use the Right Colors

Since colors have a psychological attachment to them, use colors that stir up your intended emotions. For example, blue invokes trust. Purple brings about creativity. Red is associated with boldness. Green is eco-friendly. Black is authoritative. Maintain one or two colors for your logo and website, and add the same filter to your social media photos to unify your branding. This helps followers recognize your company and encourages them to work for you.

Are you looking for the right candidates?

By keeping your branding images consistent, your audience becomes familiar with what your company has to offer and increases their desire to come work for you. For more help filling your accounting positions, Contact the professionals at Mercer Bradley today!

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