When we started our firm back in 2007, a lot of people wondered about our approach. In an industry that most consider a numbers game and a specialty that is literally all about numbers, we took on the challenge in a different way – one that conformed to our values.

These are the values that form the five pillars of our business. They are the standards that we expect each of our employees to live up to every day:

  1. Focus More on Relationships than Money
  2. Encourage Empowerment
  3. Play to Your Strengths
  4. Foster a Continuous Learning Environment
  5. Do the Right Thing – Even When It Is Uncomfortable

Doing business with these commitments isn’t always easy. To us, it was always worth it and for ten years, it’s been successful. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy but it is always right.

Mercer Bradley’s people-first approach

Sure, numbers are important to us (since we are accountants) but not as important as people. Our ten years of success can be directly attributed to making the needs of individuals our top priority. We love helping accounting professionals find that breakthrough career position or flexible jobs to suit their lifestyle. Nothing makes our day like working with employers to source that tough-to-find talent or finding interim professionals to help them make it through a crunch period.

We’re all about bringing people together.

By bringing industry expertise and a unique perspective to recruitment, we have been able to develop our own responsive and effective placement tools which help our clients and candidates achieve a higher level of success.

About Mercer Bradley

Mercer Bradley was founded in 2007 by Clifton Kanto, CPA, CMA, CPC, CBB. We have offices in Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg and focus on matching accounting professionals with the employers who need and appreciate them.

 Are you looking for a new job in accounting or just the right person to add to your organization?

Partner with Mercer Bradley. After ten years, we still believe that our success is dependent on your success! Reach out to the professionals at Mercer Bradley today!

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